Almonds are endlessly versatile and always enjoyable, so for those living with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, they’re the pantry essential you don’t want to live without.

Tips to Eating Gluten-Free with Almonds

  1. Add creamy perfection to your morning cup o’ joe or your favorite gluten-free cereal with a splash of almond milk.
  2. Take back baked goods by using almond flour as a substitute for regular flour.
  3. Get the gluten-free festivities pumping by serving whole, natural almonds as a crowd-pleasing, gluten-free party snack.
  4. Give your side dish an extra kick of crunch by sprinkling sliced or slivered almonds on top. Flavored varieties can spice up or sweeten the deal.
  5. Use almond flour or crushed almonds instead of breadcrumbs as a coating on fish or poultry. Is it dinnertime yet?
  6. Snack on a handful of whole almonds anywhere anytime. No gluten equals no worries.

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